martedì 23 febbraio 2010

O RLY? (tutto quadra, tutto torna)

But I hope I live long enough to see the decline and fall of
Michael Jackson. Because I've talked to plastic surgeons that
worked on him, and his nose is held up by a prayer. In other words,
it is collapsing in on itself, he had all the cartilage removed and
its possible the whole thing will melt, like the witch at the end
of the Wizard of Oz. That would give me a certain satisfaction, I
won't say pleasure, but this story of him having a skin disease- he
bleaches himself twice a week! He slathers himself in this ointment
that stinks to high heaven and it'll probably give him cancer or
something (laughs). He claims he has impetigo but that's absolute
rubbish. He's been bleaching himself, which is like an insult to
the black race.
(Kenneth Anger, da un'intevista con un non meglio precisato membro del TOPY)

4 commenti:

Tripudio ha detto...

Gristo ghe gran goza.

Grazie mille x i linqs.

Anonimo ha detto...

Sono questi i momenti in cui vorrei aver visto Il mago di Oz.


Sorgente ha detto...

eppure a jacko piaceva diana ross...

Anonimo ha detto...

καταψηφιζεσθαι θάνατόν τίνος
va fatto.